Best Realtor in St Lucie County


Best Realtor in St Lucie County. Are you looking to buy or sell your home in St. Lucie County in the near future? Get a few tips from Port St. Lucie’s top realtor.

Best Realtor in St Lucie County. You deserve a local St Lucie County Real Estate Agent who knows the market and neighboring communities too. With nearly 20,000 registered real estate agents in Florida, seeking quality over quantity is key.


At The Dore Step Group, we have assisted home buyers and home sellers in Port St. Lucie. They receive the best experience with real estate. Find out what makes The Dore Step Group the best real estate agent in Port St. Lucie, FL.


Communication, Responsive, And Available!


A top real estate agent needs to have excellent communication. After all, they are going to be assisting you with one of the biggest purchases (or sales) that you will ever make. You will need a professional who is committed to responding to emails, answering your calls, and understanding your questions. With the best real estate agent, you will always feel like your needs are taken care of.



Vast Amount of Real Estate Knowledge


The best real estate agents are always up to date on all the latest topics, industry news, research, and statistics. You can do this too, keep up with real estate industry updates through our news roll. Part of the role of a real estate agent is building your education and professional development.


Real Estate agents have a broad understanding of their local housing markets. This is invaluable if you are planning on buying or selling in a specific area. There are a lot of variations that come with a particular housing market. This including the pricing. When you work with a real estate agent, always feel free to ask questions and pick their brains. They have knowledge about all things house-related- from listings to home inspections and home warranties.


Are You Looking To Invest In A New House?


While it might be challenging it is definitely not impossible to buy a house in Port St. Lucie. All of the best real estate agents can help guide you through any crossroads that you might come across. When looking for an agent, here are some questions you should ask yourself:


  1. What challenges will I face in this location’s market?
  2. How can they help me find listed homes in my price range?
  3. How will they assist me in making competitive offers and negotiate with sellers?



We will continue to see an increase in home buyers making sight-unseen offers


As experienced by The Dore Step Group team in 2020, many home buyers choose to make a home sight-unseen offer. In fact, a Red fin survey found that an average of 45% of home buyers did so. With the safety and convenience in mind, data shows the trend is becoming more common. Our team has conducted video tours, where an agent views a home while the buyer is on a video call.


Included in the survey, Red fin found that these types of tours now account for nearly one in ten requests. Many sites, including Red fin have added 3D view walk through. Here, a home buyer can point and click through a 3D scan of a home. The greater interest in 3D walk through and video tours, coupled with more people relocating entirely, hints that the sight-unseen home buying trend may continue. Whatever your preference, The Dore Step Group wants to make you feel confident making an offer before having to step foot in the home.


The Dore Step Group


The real estate professionals at The Dore Step Group are agents with focus in relocations and community expertise. With excellent communication skills, our professionals use verbal and written means effectively. Working well in fast-paced and time sensitive work environments, they are able to serve clients well even in St. Lucie’s hot real estate market.


Smart and connected, The Dore Step Group is committed to each client’s needs. Clients rave about their excellent experience. The team’s attention is on every little detail. Another reason families love working with The Dore Step Group is their honesty. The Dore Step Group takes great care to ensure they’re finding the right solution for every client. Their mission is helping families envision their future home by walking them through the real estate process.


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